Attention: This is a pre-release experiment.

Start a relay

First you start a relay on your local network.

We update DNS

We make sure DNS is pointing correctly.

Relay is live

Within seconds, you can access your app(s) securely.

routing diagram
$ npm install -g spacekit
$ spacekit laptop 8080
SpaceKit ngrok PageKite Localtunnel
Secure without MITM

manual certs
Domain format



Multiple instances

Open source only v1
Free limited one month

Secure without MITM

By utilizing Let's Encrypt we're able to generate free SSL certificates for you locally and never touch them. Some providers offer SSL but are the "man in the middle" who could inspect your traffic.

Open source

All of our code is open and everything is configurable. You could run your own service and relays. Everything is up on our GitHub.

Multiple instances

Create as many relays as you'd like; home, work, laptop, etc...

Free forever

Although we may have paid features in the future, our features today will be free forever.